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As stated in a disclaimer at the bottom of each of our fitting forms, “ALL MEASUREMENTS PROVIDED BY CUSTOMER MUST BE ACCURATE; SANTA & CO. LLC WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CUSTOM APPAREL THAT DOES NOT FIT.” As such, it is vital that when customers submit their measurements they be correct and accurate. We also ask customers to project for any variances in their targeted weight during the production of their custom fitted apparel, as to prevent any inconsistencies in the final measurements.

After the customer purchases, receives, and samples the fitting of their custom apparel, they may find that further alterations or corrections are needed, and it is important to inform Santa & Co. LLC immediately, so that we may begin the process to investigate and correct your custom fitted apparel.

As per Santa & Co. LLC’s “Custom Fitting Guarantee,” for any fitting corrections needed directly after the customer receives their custom apparel, Santa & Co. LLC will cover the back & forth shipping cost and alterations the first time around.

In all instances of alteration and corrections, we require the customer to re-supply their complete measurements, and provide photos of themselves wearing the custom fitted apparel, with the problem areas made clear.

If any further alterations are needed, or in the case the customer gave incorrect measurements at the time of fitting form submittal, and still requires further alterations, Santa & Co. LLC is in no way liable for an incorrect fit, and the customer is responsible for all additional alteration costs, shipping and insurance charges.

Please send all apparel to:
Santa & Co. LLC
c/o Maximus
1075 South Range Road
St. Clair, Michigan 48079