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License Agreement for Image Use
santacollc.com copyrights the images on the web pages and therefore they are subject to certain licensing agreements. The images on the site are not in the public domain.

Commercial Use
The images at the http://www.santacollc.com website or created by santacollc.com may be considered for commercial use given the following terms…

1. Specific details on the use of the intended images must be provided.
2. santacollc.com retains all rights to the images.
3. You may not alter or modify the original image without written approval from santacollc.com
4. A copy of the single publication in which the image is used is to be sent to santacollc.com

The electronic image files may not be distributed, in any manner, including posting on web pages, sending by email, or distributing on physical media, without written permission secured in advance.

For any uses not covered explicitly by this agreement, please contact:
santacollc.com at (810) 329-3230 or info@santacollc.com