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Santa & Co. LLC is the only full-service company in North America, and perhaps the world, that offers cleaning, repairs, and storage on our apparel and most other brand Santa Claus suits. Call (810) 329-3230 for full details, and to get your apparel serviced now.

Furrier Method Cleaning (Starts at $69.95)

We are meticulous in using the Furrier Method of dry cleaning and provide a process that is designed specifically for most Santa Suits, Mrs. Claus Dresses, and other holiday attire.

Keeping Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the Elves looking their best is our top priority! We clean and refurbish most other brand Santa Claus suits.

Repair (Price Varies)

Do you need repairs or modifications on your Santa Claus suit? We do all kinds of repairs, large or small!

Our master tailors/dressmakers have years of experience in the upkeep and repair of most Santa Claus suits.

Refurring (Starts at $400.00)

We can replace most older Santa Claus Suit trim with our premium faux fur to make your Santa Claus Suit look new again, and at a very affordable price!

Call for prices and availability on our genuine replacement Icelandic Sheep, Rabbit, or Arctic Fox fur.

Offseason Storage ($50.00)

The proper storage of Santa Claus Suits, Mrs. Claus Dresses, and other holiday attire adds to their longevity.

Our special storage facility is climate-controlled and structured so that all holiday garments look their finest when they are returned to you.

We care for most brands of Santa Claus suits, Mrs. Claus dresses, and other holiday apparel!