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SantaSuitOrder.com “2.0” Features Tour

SantaSuitOrder.com "2.0" Features Tour

Welcome to SantaSuitOrder.com 2.0! In this post (which you are viewing in our newly added “News” blog by the way), we will be highlighting the top 5 features, changes, and additions to the new site, so without further ado…

#1. Mobile Friendly

SantaSuitOrder.com is now fully mobile design responsive, and will scale properly to all smartphone and tablets, allowing you to easily browse our site on any web compatible device.

#2. Catalog Layout Overhaul

Our Catalog layout has been entirely overhauled, and designed so that you can quickly navigate product categories without leaving individual product pages.

#3. Santa Claus Suit Comparison Chart & Name Changes

For the first time ever, all of our Santa Claus suit prices and features are conveniently unified into one (downloadable/printable) comparison chart, allowing you to view every option available on all five of our suit models in a single glance.

Speaking of “five” suit models, you may have noticed we’ve merged our (A) suit with our (B) suit to form the “(B) New Classic Professional,” and are providing the (A) suit’s 2″ Mandarin collar as an option on our (B) suit. We’ve also renamed the “(C) Super Professional” suit to the “(C) Classic Professional.” And to more accurately reflect it’s beginner nature, we’ve renamed the “(F) Quality Traditional” to the “(F) Traditional Starter.”

#4. FAQ

We now offer an FAQ page, which, as you’d expect, features some of the most asked questions we get on our custom apparel. More will be added as time goes by.

#5. Testimonial Submission

Last, but not least, we’ve added a testimonial submission form to our Testimonials page. Simply input the required information, and approved testimonials will be up within 1-3 business days.