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Santa Claus Vest

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Starting at:
add $40
Pkts w/o flaps:
add $62
Pkts w/flaps:
add $73
  • Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Standard 2x size fits up to 52″ waist and 55″ chest. Custom fitting for under 2x sizes, add $32, for 3x/4x sizes, add $54, for 5x/6x sizes, add $75.
  • Made of wool (or your choice of velvet) and fully satin lined.
  • Can be styled to our standard design, or custom designed to your specifications.
  • Optional adornments include flaps or full pockets (with or without flaps).
  • Patterned material (image #2) is available in place of wool. Pictured samples are subject to change and may vary in availability. Please call us for more details or physical sample requests.